10 Reasons You Should Apply for HARDCOPY 2018: Industry Edition

You’ve heard plenty of reasons from us to apply for HARDCOPY 2018—access opportunities, a digital stream, connections with the writing and publishing industry, chats with writers, and more. But just in case you’re not quite convinced, we thought we’d let some of our favourite industry movers and shakers share their experiences with the program.

This year, the program is more accessible than ever with a new First Nations Writers Scholarship, in partnership with First Nations Writers Australia Network, and HC Digital: a new online-only access opportunity.

1. Literary agent and publishing consultant extroardinaire, Alex Adsett, has been involved in every year of HARDCOPY since its inception, and heartily endorses the program.

2. Catherine Milne, fiction publisher at HarperCollins, also commends the program, though thinks we should hire a weather fairy.

3. Allen & Unwin sharing some love for the HARDCOPY program during the lead up to their second year in the program.

4. Bonnier Publishing Australia’s commissioning editor, Angela Meyer, getting ready to meet with the Round 2 HARDCOPY participants in 2017.

5. Benython Oldfield of Zeitgeist Media had a great time meeting HARDCOPY participants last year, and attests to the quality of the program.

6. Linda Funnell of the Newtown Review of Books enjoyed presenting at HARDCOPY in 2015 so much that she returned in 2016.

7. Adrian Caesar, Australian author and poet, found the program to have an inspiring atmosphere.

8. Australian travel writer and memoirist Walter Mason recommends the program after featuring in a digital Q&A with HARDCOPY participants.

9. Mary Cunnane—program adviser, publishing consultant and former literary agent—enjoyed this 2017 Going Public panel.

10. And finally, literary agent Jacinta Di Mase counts several HARDCOPY alumni amongst her clients.

You can find more information about the program and details on how to apply on the ACT Writers Centre website.

The ACT Writers Centre is supported by the ACT Government. HARDCOPY is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


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