ACT Writers Centre

Celebrating Member Milestones

Our new space for a bi-monthly spotlight on member successes and achievements. Hearty congrats to all!


Jo Forestier’s poem ‘Moon’ was published in the WordFest 2016 Anthology for WACO Cultural Art Fest.

Curtin Turns 50—The Story of a Canberra Suburb 1964-2014 was launched on the 8th of December. It was edited by Margitta Acker, Carolyn Brodie, Peter Forster, and was contributed to by Jo Forestier.

Frances Isaac (pen-name of Neela Liyanagedera) has recently published Isabel, a historical fiction novel set in Queensland, Australia between the years 1895 to 1910. Isabel is a compelling tale of forbidden love, jealousy and bonds that shaped a woman’s life, much through emotion and the triumph of the human spirit. It was published through Austin Macauley Publishers, UK.

Maura Pierlot was awarded the MPS Travel+Tours Performers’ Award by the Canberra Arts Patrons’ Organisations (CAPO) in October 2016. Maura will use the award of $2,000 to write a series of dramatic monologues on the theme of mental illness. Her play ‘Tapping Out’ has just been selected for Short+Sweet Sydney 2017. Maura was recently named Runner-up for the NSW Writers Centre Varuna Fellowship.

Elizabeth Egan won First Place in the Peter Cowan Short Story Award (WA) for ‘Learning To Fly’ (May 2016); Highly Commended  in the Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award for ‘Frozen Stiff’ (Dec 2015); and inclusion of the poem ‘The Death of Small Things’ in the printed anthology Grieve of the Newcastle Writers’ Centre (Aug 2016).

John Karl Stokes has had several poems published by The Red Room Company (Australia) and in the “Poetry and Prose” international anthologies “Love”, and “Travel” (U.K. and U.S.A.). He has performed his work as a guest speaker at the Thirroul Readers and Writers Festival. He was long-listed for the 2016 Adrien Abbott Prize (Australia and N.Z.)


We love hearing about member achievements—big or small! Send them through to so we can include yours in our next celebratory shout-out.

— ACTWC team


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