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2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards Shortlist



We are delighted to reveal the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards shortlist. The announcement of the winners will take place at 6pm Thursday 15 December in Canberra Contemporary Art Space at Gorman Arts Centre. More details about the event can be found here.

This year, we are also pleased to welcome the Minister for the Arts and Community Events, Gordon Ramsay, who will be announcing the winners of the 2016 ACT Book of the Year Award. The shortlist for this award was released at the Canberra Writers Festival in August.

ACT Writing and Publishing Awards


Jackie French, illustrated by Peter Bray, Horace the Baker’s Horse
Stephanie Owen Reeder, Lennie the Legend: Solo to Sydney by Pony
Tania McCartney, illustrated by Christina Booth, This is Captain Cook


L.J.M. Owen, Olmec Obituary
Edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts & Tehani Wessely, Cranky Ladies of History
Shane W. Smith, Undad


P.S. Cottier, Paths into Inner Canberra
Jennifer Horsfield, Building a City: CS Daley and the Story of Canberra
Penny Olsen, Australian Predators of the Sky
James Sanderson, Weekend Warriors: A Funny Side


Kathy Kituai, Deep in the Valley of Tea Bowls
Janette Pieloor, Ripples Under the Skin

The Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award

Greg Burgess, ‘Roadwork Ahead’
Isabelo Gacusan, ‘Fight or Flight’
Erin Prothero, ‘The Abject Redemption of Athalie Roche’
Ron Schroer, ‘Sandman’

The June Shenfield Poetry Award

Samuel Guthrie, ‘brontebright’
Daniel Hutley, ‘Tumbleweed’
Nadia Niaz, ‘My Grandmother’s Language’
Hessom Razavi, ‘Ghost’
Stephen Smithyman, ‘The Lumber Room’
Saaro Umar, ‘White Lilac (For Deb)’

The Anne Edgeworth Fellowship for Young Writers

Shu-Ling Chua
Grace Finlayson
Leearni Hamilton
Rosanna Stevens

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