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Memorabilia by Michelle Brock

Michelle Brock’s poem ‘Memorabilia was highly commended in the 2015 Michael Thwaites Poetry Award.

A photo by Caleb George.


By Michelle Brock


under the she-oaks
burnt to ashes
the future they shared
by the waterhole

Dear Tom

I’m back at Roslyn to help out with the farm,
starting the holidays early, not that I mind.
Right now I’m sitting in Frank’s favourite spot
on that hollow log by the creek.
You know the place where the three of us
caught the eels and cooked them up last Easter.

They’re calling Frank a hero.
His name’s on a plaque in the hall.
Mum’s put his shiny medal on the kitchen dresser.
She touches it every time she walks past.
There’s a picture of him in his uniform beside it,
smiling like he always did.

Dad said if you’re back by Christmas he’ll kill a calf.
It’d make a nice change from his mutton stew.
Mum hasn’t been doing much cooking lately.

If you’re not back, I’ll be over there in April.
Can’t wait to climb a pyramid.

Anyway the dog’s going crook so I’d better see what’s up.
Silly old mongrel still misses you.

Keep your head down till I get there.

Love Jimmy

thrift shop memorabilia
vintage post cards
just fifty cents
for a soldier’s untold story


Michelle Brock worked for many years as a Town Planner in Canberra before pursuing her dream to be a writer. Her short stories have been recognised in numerous literary competitions and her tanka poems and prose have been published nationally and internationally. She writes regularly through her involvement in of the Limestone Tanka Poets, FridayWriters and Queanbeyan Writers.  She’s delighted to be shortlisted in the ACTWriters Awards.

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