ACTWC Awards

Ode to a Papermate Inkjoy 100, A Poem by Penny O’Hara

2015 ACT Writers Award winners (1)Penny O’Hara’s poem, Ode to a Papermate Inkjoy 100, won the 2015 Michael Thwaites Poetry Award, as part of our ACT Publishing and Writing Awards announced last year. The judge, Melinda Smith, described it as “a fabulous tight piece of metaphyics with lots of clever witty angles, none of them overdone.” Read it for yourself below. 


Who can say who picked up whom?
This much is clear: the type I liked

before no longer interests me.
And though we haven’t known each other long

you’re like a husband on a diamond anniversary
who finishes my thoughts before

I’ve thought them. When
I take you in my hand

there’s nothing lewd about it.
And what’s more, you’re good

around the house: a scourge of cobwebs,
orderer of muck, a master launderer.

Oh, while I know it’s silly to complain,
my dear, at times I wish you wouldn’t

hang my private things
where everyone can see.

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