ACTWC Awards

Stilettos, A Poem by Robyn Lance

Stilettos, by Robyn Lance won the 2014 Michael Thwaites Poetry Award. Read Robyn’s poem below. Other shortlisted and winning entries will be published here in the coming weeks.AWARDS

The diminutive bride, her maids, mother,

and an aunt teetering in toe-peeper taupe,

hang five toes off just subtler-than-stilts stilettos,

each foot an italicised s with arches stretched

to the max like necks at the back of the crowd.


Steps taken with a stork’s precision polka-dot cathedral pile

and clack on polished floors like the echoing tocks of a clock.


Rising from four courses, three speeches and a glass or two,

the aunt slips off sling backs and resumes life on the level.


Horseshoe-hugs and the guests depart.

The M-o-B flattens feet to the floor

while the bride in her getaway car

sheds sequinned heels and reaches

for white toe-spreader trousseau thongs.

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