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The Writers of Us Mob: Bev Seiver

Us Mob Writing is a group of First Nations Australians peoples’ with both emerging and established writers, poets and playwrights. Their writers past and present have written poetry, plays, songs, documentary films, short films, TV dramas, children’s story books, novels, short stories, biographies, and autobiographies.

They include in their company national and international major literary award winners, a national literary awards judge, and multiple nationally and internationally published, performed and produced writers. They meet every third Friday of the month at the ACT Writers Centre Workshop room.

Bev SeiverBeverley Seiver is an Awabakal woman from Lake Macquarie, NSW. Beverley is passionate about travel and learning about people; their stories and their journeys. In 2010 Beverley volunteered in an Indigenous Youth Leadership and community development program in Vanuatu, which immersed her into her favourite interests. A move in 2012 to Canberra brought opportunity and inspiration to further develop her creative side, including joining  US MOB WRITING.

ACTWC: How did stories enter your life?

Bev: Through reading as a child, though as an adult, I like making up imaginary stories with the little ones around me.

ACTWC: A book or poem you often return to is…

Bev: Sense and Sensibility (A tragic romantic at heart)

ACTWC: How is Us Mob important to your development as a writer, and a member of a community?

Bev: The members of Us Mob Writing have provided support to me in various ways, including helping me to nurture my creativity and writing abilities through their encouragement and ideas. I see myself as a budding writer, and I really enjoy being apart of the Us Mob Writing group, particularly, spending time with so many talented and creative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as I find them inspirational. I liken this experience to a green house offering the nurturing environment for new seedlings. I am an Awabakal woman from the Lake Macquarie NSW and I moved away from my home and community to Canberra 13 months ago for an employment opportunity. I am ever so grateful to the the members of Us Mob Writing for their support and friendship as they have helped me make Canberra my new home, educating me about the wonders I can find here and introducing me other members of the Aboriginal community. I think they are just too deadly!

ACTWC: Tell us about your career highlight to date:

Bev: Reading my work to my Us Mob Writing and having really nice things said about my poems. (It is the small things in life that make me smile)

ACTWC: What is the greatest challenge you find yourself facing when writing?

Bev: Getting started!

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