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The Truth About Short Cuts

A few times a week, the Writers Centre receives a call or a welcome visitor, asking a question about publishing. Sometimes, that question is about e-publishing, sometimes it might be about finding a book designer, and sometimes it’s that question we all live to solve: How do I get published?

by ACTWrite Editor, Rosie Stevens

Often, for a new writer in particular, this question is loaded with the assumption that there is either only one way to get published, and it is a linear and standardised process, or that by ‘doing it right’ you’ll be sitting on a bestseller in no time. Google ‘Publishing Shortcuts’ and the search engine will present you with over 20 million options: people are out there looking for the easy way. Worse still, there are people out there writing pieces that exist to convince a reader that such a blessed publishing passage is indiscriminately possible. So as an editor who works within a Writers Centre, here is an honest list of publishing shortcuts I can assure you will work:

– Be born into a celebrity family.
– Decide you want to be published after your political career.

When members contact their Centre, looking for the answer to getting published, the response we most often offer is as follows:

We would love to be able to just ‘tell’ you how to have your work published – to be able to facilitate you having your work honoured with publication is what your Centre strives for. The truth is, getting published is a fascinatingly complicated process without a sure-fire formula for success.

This is a great and heartening fact, because the beautiful thing about reaching for publication is that through this desire, writers discover they are not alone. By delving into the world of publishing through a Writers Centre, writers can make contacts, join groups, attend launches, and become part of a conversation that exists for writers and because of writers. This is the greatest secret of publishing: community.

Writers Centres can also point you in the direction of a publishing path. This coming weekend, Aleesah Darlison — author of picture books and novels for children and book reviewer for The Sun Herald will be
running a day-long workshop designed to highlight some of the lesser-known paths to getting published. She’ll be talking about how the publishing industry works, and outlining how to make submissions. Aleesah will also be detailing the how contracts and agents, manuscript assessments work, and the value of writers groups and networking. If you’re keen to begin to have the question of how writers are published answered, Aleesah’s workshop is entirely dedicated to the many and varied opportunities that exist for new and emerging writers to start getting published.

Venue:ACT Writers Centre workshop room.
Cost:: $110 members, $95 concessional members, $170 non-members (includes 12 months of membership).
Bookings: You can book by phone on 6262 9191, online or at the office. Payment is required at time of booking

For more information about this workshop, visit: http://www.actwriters.org.au/events/upcoming-workshops-events.shtml#aleesahdarlison

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